Our Philosophy

Individuals, families and societies are progressive in nature, want to be self-reliant and have peaceful and respectable lives through economic prosperity and cultural integration. The biggest hurdles for many people are limited opportunities, limited access to skills and limited financial resources.

The lowering or removal of these hurdles can give them the chance to live better lives.

Making A Positive Impact

LLF shall in a focused, scientific and sustained manner, contribute to making a positive impact on the lives of hard working and sincere, yet underprivileged and financially challenged, people and communities.

Contributing To The Community

LLF shall, to the best of its ability and given resources, contribute to help governments, communities and families during natural and other disasters for recovery and reconstruction.

Ethical And Financial Integrity

LLF shall maintain and shall responsibly manage its financial resources.

Working With Partners

LLF shall work together with other organizations towards the cause of empowering the underprivileged populations.

The Core Of Our Philosophy

LLF’s philosophy is that it is far more effective to provide the underprivileged with the “ability to fish” rather than to provide them “fish” – the former being a more entrenched and longer lasting impact on the beneficiary as opposed to providing an immediate but short term relief.