Our Approach

As a charity in Singapore, LLF’s charitable objectives would be limited to Singapore and Nepal.

  • The charity hopes to provide direct benefit to the underprivileged and deserving citizens of Singapore and Nepal.
  • It is not the object of LLF to run the charities but to source and identify such registered charities that meet the mission of LLF and then provide them with suitable grants.
  • LLF will ensure that the grants are utilized as directed and will monitor the progress of the programs being assisted to ensure that ultimately the benefits go directly to the underprivileged and deserving members of the society.
  • LLF will allocate disbursement of grants between various non-profit organizations in Singapore and Nepal, strictly in accordance with overall guidance as provided by Commissioner of Charities in its approval for ‘Grant maker status’.
  • In addition, LLF would also seek to work with local universities, schools to develop programs to provide scholarships to deserving candidates who are unable to pursue vocational education.
  • All LLF administrative costs are fully absorbed by the founders, hence all of the funds would be available for disbursement.